National Family Caregiver Support Program

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National Family Caregiver Support Program

The National Family Caregiver Support Program, under Title III-E of the Older Americans Act, is a federal program that provides services to help family caregivers to care for their loved ones at home for as long as possible. Services are available to adult family members who provide in-home and community care for a person age 60 or older or to grandparents age 55 or older who serve as caregivers for children 18 and younger.

Families are the major provider of long-term care, but research has shown that care-giving exacts a heavy emotional, physical and financial toll. Many experience conflicts between being a caregiver and work or other responsibilities.  Often caregivers are over age 50. This makes them more vulnerable to a decline in their own health, and necessitates having excellent supports and strategies to support themselves while supporting their loved one.

Supports available through Alpine Area Agency on Aging are listed below.

Alpine Area Agency on Aging provides individual counseling for family caregivers. If you are in need of information, or  assistance in gaining access to services, please contact CJ Grove to set up your appointment.

You may reach CJ by calling  970-468-0295 ext. 122 or by emailing mailing

Caregiver support groups are available throughout the region. For more information, contact your local support group:

Eagle County: 970-328-8831

This support series is offered for family and caregivers of those affected by advancing stages of memory loss. It takes place on the second Tuesday of each month from 4:30 – 6 p.m. at the Eagle River Presbyterian Church in Avon.

Grand County: 970-887-0255

The group meets the 2nd Thursday monthly from 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm at the Granby Senior Center.

Jackson County: 970-723-3203

The groups meets the 2nd and 4th Thursday monthly at 2:00 pm.  The meetings are held at the Walden Senior Center.

Summit County: 970-668-2940

This group meets the second Tuesday of each month at the Senior Center in Frisco. Walk-ins are always welcome. Those who have a friend or family member for whom they are caring, or who are experiencing any form of memory loss, are encouraged to come get support and resources to assist them.

Respite care is temporary relief provided to caregivers from their caregiving responsibilities.  Designed to give you a break, respite services can range from in home services,  adult day care,  or short term institutional placements. Please contact CJ Grove at 970-468-0295 ext. 122 for more information.

Timberline Adult Day Services, located in Frisco, provides day time, supervised services for adults over the age of 18 who require supervision and/or social interaction.

Eagle Valley Senior Life offers The Senior Spot, an adult day program for adults 55 and older who can no longer manage independently or who are socially isolated. Participants benefit from increased mental, physical and social stimulation while their caregivers can attend to their own personal needs. The Senior Spot is held two afternoons a week in Avon.  Program materials, snacks and transportation provided.  For more information including current days and times and an initial consultation, call (970) 977-0188.

If you are a caregiver and need assistance with housekeeping and chores, home modifications, travel expenses, or financial assistance with medical supplies and services, please contact CJ Grove at 970-468-0295 ext. 122 for more information.

If you live in Eagle County, Eagle Valley Senior Life has a caregiver assistance fund that may pay for up to 30 hours of caregiver services for eligible caregivers.

Often times legal assistance is needed with complicated elder caregiver  matters such as medical advanced directives, power of Attorney, long term care, elder abuse, conservatorship, wills, estates, and probate., Additionally, special legal resources are needed for a family caregiver when the caregiver is a  grandparent caring for a grandchild.  Legal resources for these challenging family caregiver situations can be found below.

Colorado Legal Services is a not for profit legal resource dedicated to serving low- income, seniors and other vulnerable populations in Eagle, Grand, Jackson, Pitkin, and Summit Counties.  Fees are based on income and ability to pay.  Please contact them at the above link to see if you qualify.

For residents of Eagle, Garfield and Pitkin Counties Alpine Legal Services  is a not for profit legal assistance agency available to assist you.

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