Colorado Choice Transitions

Choice Transitions

Colorado Choice Transitions

Colorado Choice Transitions (CCT) is a program delivered through the Aging and Disability Resources for Colorado (ADRC) that supports the transition of nursing home residents who wish to return and live in their community.  ADRC Options Counselors go to the nursing home to explain eligibility, the choices and options for residents, and make referrals to agencies who work with the resident to create a transition plan.

What services are available through Colorado Choice Transitions? Some services that may be available to help you transition to and live in the community include:

  •  Services to help you set up your home, such as moving expenses, security and utility deposits, and household furnishings.
  •  Services to help you develop and maintain your independence, such as financial management and organizing your home.
  •  Devices or equipment used to increase or maintain your ability to function independently in the community, such as wheelchair ramps, bed lifts, and shower bars.
  •  Home-delivered meals and meal preparation.
  •  Assistance with eating, bathing, dressing and housekeeping.
  •  Transportation services.

To speak with an Options Counselor about Colorado Choice Transitions, call 970-468-0295 ext. 117 and speak with Amanda.

In order to qualify as a Colorado Choice Transitions client you must meet the following guidelines:

  • You must meet Long-Term Care Medicaid eligibility requirements.
  • You must currently reside in a nursing facility for a period of no less than ninety (90) consecutive days (rehabilitation days do not count toward the 90 days).
  • You must be moving to qualified housing as defined by CMS.
    • a home owned or leased by the your or your family;
    • a community-based residence with not more than four unrelated individuals living together (like a group or host home);
    • or an apartment with an individual lease in a unit where services are not a condition of tenancy.

Schedule and appointment with an Alpine Area Agency on Aging Options Counselor who will assist you in creating your individualized plan for returning and living successfully at home.

To schedule your appointment please call 970-468-0295 and speak with Amanada.

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